Campaign Finance Reform: America can no longer be for sale

America can no longer be for sale. Not to foreign governments. Not to foreign or domestic businesses. Not to foreign or domestic individuals. Not to anyone! Every person—regardless of wealth—should be equally heard by the government.

Some have called for overturning Citizens United as a solution. I am opposed to this path because even before Citizens United, politicians were significantly influenced by the rich. It’s true that since Citizens United, this influence has been on steroids, but trying to get a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United would be extremely likely to fail, and I don’t endorse impractical solutions.

Instead, we need to implement a solution that is fair to all Americans: publicly funded campaigns in which each candidate gets the same amount of money from the government. Not only will public financing of campaigns ensure that politicians answer to all Americans, but it will also teach politicians to be fiscally responsible with limited funds. Private donations and third-party political ads will not be restricted, but we can create taxes that will maintain a level playing field by discouraging people from pouring money into these schemes.

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