Medicare for All is fiscally responsible and brings peace of mind

I often see or hear from people who are worried about how they will pay for their healthcare. Some have lost jobs, some need drugs their insurance companies won’t cover, but the fears and worries boil down to this: I’m sick or I might get sick, and I can’t afford care. As small business owners, my wife and I have had our own late-night healthcare worries.

Fortunately, there is a practical solution: It’s called Medicare for All (more formally, H.R. 676).

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It's time for some common sense on gun laws

Another school shooting just happened as I write this. It has taken me multiple tries to get down my thoughts because I start feeling sick just thinking about all the mass shootings that have occurred, and I have to step away. Plus, I think about the legislation Amodei and Heller repealed that now functionally allows certified, mentally unstable people to buy guns, and I get angry.

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