The Preamble to the Constitution says one role of government is to "promote the general welfare," and according to Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans think the government has a responsibility to ensure healthcare coverage for all. H.R. 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act can achieve this goal in a high-quality and cost-effective way. More



We regulate many things that are dangerous or pose a risk to society. You need to be a certain age, to take a test, and to have a license to drive at car. Heck, you practically have to go through a background check to buy cold medicine. It should be at least as difficult to get a gun.

Until the Las Vegas shooting, I didn't know what a bump stock was. Today, I know that nobody should be able to buy such a device, but our legislators have done nothing to prevent it. More


TAX reform

The current tax system is socially and fiscally bankrupt. The wealthiest Americans and companies now pay about half as much in taxes as they did in the 1950s and 1960s, yet many of them are successful because they benefit from being in America—the thriving business communities, the great work force, the best consumers, and great infrastructure contributed to that success. Wealthy individuals need to start paying their fair share again, and taxes on rich companies making record profits need to be raised, not lowered—and tax loopholes for both need to be closed. That is what you do in a good economic times. I would use half of the tax increases to pay down our debt and use the rest to provide opportunities for all as described in my other sections. 


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

AI and robotics, like all technology, can be both good and bad. For example, self-driving cars will make life easier by reducing the cost of driving, reducing pollution (easing many problems from climate change to asthma), and reducing the number of accident-related injuries and deaths.

On the flip side, self-driving cars will destroy a significant number of jobs—from drivers to physical therapists. Our country's stability depends on having policies in place that let us reap the benefits of AI and robotics while planning ahead to protect privacy and help the displaced. Universal Basic Income is not the only solution, but it is an interesting possibility. I am closely watching UBI experiments to see if they make sense.




The government should work to make voting accessible for all citizens. Right now, the poor, the young, minorities, and those with strict jobs face too many barriers. If you pay taxes or have a driver's license or state ID, you should be automatically registered to vote. Further, voting should not favor people with traditional M-F 9:00 to 5:00 jobs. Voting should be conveniently available through systems such as all-mail-in voting.



College is not affordable anymore. Too many students leave college with a bachelor's degree (or less) and more than $50,000 in debt or an advanced degree and more than $100,000 in debt. Students need to feel invested in college and not just go because it is the thing to do after high school, so college shouldn't be free—but current debt levels are an unconscionable burden for someone just starting a career, and they are a proven barrier to entrepreneurship, buying a house, and getting married. More


Campaign reform

America can no longer be for sale. Not to foreign governments. Not to foreign or domestic businesses. Not to foreign or domestic individuals. Not to anyone! Every person—regardless of wealth—should be equally heard by the government. More



Our current immigration laws and policies are seriously flawed. They were born from racism and have kept that element ever since. In 1790, the very first immigration law allowed a person to naturalize into citizenship after residing here for two years—as long he or she was a free white person of good moral character. Racism has no place in immigration policy or in America. It picks an arbitrary and superficial genetic trait and uses it to suppress a group of people. That is not giving everyone a fair shake and it is outright anti-American.

Immigrants are America and always will be. America needs to be more welcoming of immigrants, not less. DACA was working fine and needs to continue, and DAPA needs to be implemented. Immigrants are part of our community and should not be subjected to the intentional cruelty that the people in charge are now inflicting.