A Fair Shake

Government should create a fair and level playing field for all Americans. Healthcare. Fair and Just Elections. Logical Taxation.
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United we stand. Divided we fall. Divisiveness is rampant, and we need to unite around our American ideals before they are lost: equality and opportunity for all.

Priorities should include healthcare, fair taxes, education, easy registration and voting, campaign finance reform, responsible gun ownership, and preparing for the dramatic changes that will come from both climate change and advances in artificial intelligence and robotics.




Nevada is 7th in the nation in terms of uninsured citizens. When you're sick or worried about how you'll pay for care, everything else in your life suffers. We need Medicare+ for all.




When states require background checks on all handguns, 47% fewer women are shot and killed by intimate partners and 47% fewer people commit suicide with a gun. 53% fewer law enforcement officers are shot and killed on the job. Some things just make sense.



campaign finance reform

Of known donations to campaigns, 54% are from people who give $10,000 or more. We need public financing of campaigns so representatives listen to everyone, not just their big donors.


h.r. 676

Medicare for All can provide coverage for everything―medical, dental, vision, and long term care―at about the same cost as what we currently pay for just basic medical insurance.


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